March 30, 2017





Create an engaging video around Infinite Shine nail polish and the 3-step process of Prime, Lacquer and Gloss. The video needed to demonstrate the 3-step process, and be executed in a way that retained the audience to view it in its entirety. Team Social decided to create two videos for this campaign so consumers were aware of the nail polish application process and the range of colours.


Having seen origami trending in other luxury advertisements and given the popularity of origami tutorials on YouTube, we thought it would be great to create our own origami X nail tutorial for the first video. The second video instead was targeted towards educating the audience on process to apply.


In the first video we decided that the best way to showcase the beautiful range of colours, was that the nails would change colour seamlessly throughout, and the origami piece would be a fashion accessory (small coin purse) to tie into the fashion themes of the OPI brand. By folding paper into a purse, the audience is left wondering what we’re creating and is likely to remain captivated from start to finish. Each frame of video had the step outlined, with the shade changing every few frames. The nails were lacquered with Infinite Shine shades throughout the video.

The second video was more of an educational piece as opposed to the origami video, so we kept the concept simple and highlighted the 3-step manicure process. This asset consisted of a manicured hand going through the 3-step process of Prime, Lacquer & Gloss whilst also showcasing the new Infinite Shine shade range. To engage the audience, we decided to incorporate the transformative element of the nail shades changing seamlessly throughout. Each video was published to the OPI Australia Instagram account and promoted with paid media. Overall, the two Instagram posts delivered with over 1MN impressions served & an 11% View through Rate (VTR).

In addition, MYER promoted the two stop motion videos through their Facebook account with ad spend and each performed strongly, with all ad groups exceeding the MYER benchmark for View Through Rate, and over 1,000 clicks to the site generated.

Watch the origami video here

Watch the educational video here