March 29, 2016




Calvin Klein Fragrances


Bring in Calvin Klein’s newest unisex fragrance “CK2” with a bang!


  • The target audience for CK2 was the hard to reach “millennial” segments
  • Millennials are considerably more engaged with digital technology and social media, both heavily consumed via their mobile device.
  • There has been a visible shift away from the traditional box toward online video.
  • Out of Home has become a more cost-effective means of mass communication to reach this high out-and-about target. Further, the frequency of messaging we can deliver via Out of Home is unrivaled.



  •  HUGE outdoor campaign: national transit campaign including street furniture, shelter wraps in selected “millennial” precincts, train station panels, X Track TV, bus and tram wraps. Given our uni-sex offering, Out of Home was an effective way of speaking to the target where they lived, worked and played! A large proportion of the target were commuting to/from study or work or play and thus did not fit into the traditional peak/off-peak advertising model.
  • Leveraged timeliness of strong “millennial” cinema releases such as Zoolander and Deadpool to reach our dual target through a combination Follow Film and Movie Mix buy. Further, Moonlight Cinema was a strong extension to our traditional cinema partnership as it enabled us to run our long-form content within a captive environment.
  • Targeting millennials through native content, display ads, video and social content. Partnering with Vice gave us the opportunity to reach our target audience through appropriate channels; i-D, Citizens of the World, Spook and Something You Said. Native  and social content gave our campaign a more engaging experience, while having display ads and pre roll on, Elle and Cosmo gave us the ability to reinforce our message.
  • Strong print schedule across mass reaching male and female titles, as well as gay press
  • Bloggers were instrumental in resonating with the target consumer. To maintain authenticity, a suite of bloggers were given creative control in integrating the product into their lives alongside the hashtag #the2ofusau. Reach was driven via notable pairs such as Nick (Set Mo) and KLP or Bambi Northwood Blyth and Dan Single, while engagement was driven via a targeted social influencer strategy.