Facebook Live with BIG results!

 January 9, 2017

Our first Facebook Live with beauty bloggers Sammy Robinson & Rachel Brooks had massive results!

Rimmel’s new Fresher Skin Foundation was different for a few reasons: suitable for combination skin only, reduced shade range and finger application from foundation pot. Product information and demonstration was needed to introduce the product to the market!┬áTeam Social worked with two beauty bloggers Sammy Robinson and Rachel Brook to show how to create a fresh natural look using Fresher Skin Foundation. Rachel Brooks is a makeup artist herself, so her reputation & skill set was perfect for demonstrating the product and explaining suitable skin types. Using two bloggers for a Facebook Live video pulled in both their established audiences, plus fans of the Rimmel London Au Facebook page.

The results:

  • 43,000 views (and still growing!)
  • 109, 304 people reached

The results for this type of content continue to grow steadily as the video┬áhoused on Rimmel London Au’s Facebook page, so it can be viewed at any time.