This is who we are

We are a group of senior industry specialists who work day to day on our client business. There is no ivory tower; we want to work with you day to day.

Originally a media agency, we listened to our client needs and expanded to three specialist divisions: SOCIAL,  CREATIVE + MEDIA.

Team HM CREATIVE senior design team take global assets and localise effectively and efficiently.

HM SOCIAL senior strategy and blogger team build strong conversations that improve social engagement.

This is what we do

We create connections between Brand & Consumer, Data & Insight, Insight & Idea, Strategy & Implementation and Goals & Results.

We help you to create journey of success and bring to life the story of your brands through content creation. We make your
connections and communication count because our media experience ensures we deliver precisely to the right audience.

We leverage our contacts with our media relationships to ensure you gain access to the best talent and key opinion leaders for your brand communication.

This is how we can help you

Our client loyalty comes from having a senior specialist team who work on their business day to day.

Year in and year out.

We are committed to run your brands as if it was our own business. Our stable team means that client knowledge is not lost.

We are recognised by B&T Trade Press as Top 5 Media Agency of the year 2013. Our Principal and Founder, Virginia Hyland was also awarded by B&T Trade Press as Number One Female in Media business.